Saturday, July 24, 2010

5 Random Makeup Tips!

Hey babes,

Here are the wonderful little makeup tips we've picked up along the way. They worked wonders for us so we hope you'd find them useful.:)

1. Heat your eyelash curlers! Use a hairdryer to do this, it helps your lashes stay curled for much longer.:)

2. Before applying your lipstick, always always ALWAYS condition your lips.:) Use a lip balm or vaseline, this helps prevent creasing, flaking or cracking.

3. Apply eyeshadow primers! They prevent creasing, helps keep your makeup on longer and actually makes the colors of your eyeshadow more vivid! Click here to learn how to make your own eyeshadow primer.:)

4. Wing out your eyeliner. What this means is to extend your liner to a little flick at the outer, upper corner of your eye. This extends your eye, making them look bigger and gives your eye makeup a more dramatic effect.

5. Apply your lipgloss in downward strokes. This creates a 3D effect, making your lips look plumper and fuller!

Little things that make such huge differences in the end results.:)

Watch this space for more useful tips!


Blue Margarita

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