Advertising Services

Hey guys!

Want to increase traffic to your blogshops? Why not advertise with Blue Margarita, catch our reader's eyes with your colorful banners!

We've got several attractive ad options for you to choose from.:)


Option 1
Size: 800 x 150
Price: RM 15 per week
RM 45 per month (1 week free!)


Option 2
Size: 150 x 300
Price: RM 10 per week
RM 30 per month (1 week free!)


Option 3
Size: 150 x 150
Price: RM 5 per week
RM 15 per month (1 week free!)

Option 4
Size: 350 x 120
Price: RM 10 per week
RM 30 per month (1 week free!)

Terms And Conditions

1. Payment must be made at least 24 hours before ads are scheduled to run.
2. Blogshops are to provide their own banners in the size of the purchased ad space.
3. Advert spaces are sold on a first come first serve basis (i.e. first to make payment).
4. Rates are subject to change.
5. New rates will not apply to those who have already purchased ad spaces. New rates apply after your contract ends.
6. We do not promise that ad placements will boost sales. It will, however, help you spread the word about your blogshop and increase traffic.:)

Interested? Do not hesitate to email us at :):):)